About Us

We are a blended family of six. 
I(Heather) have two daughters Jorja and Jennifer.
Westley has two daughters Dakota and Nevada.
There is ten years difference between Westleys oldest and my youngest
and an eight year difference between Westley and I.

Our Equipment

When I first met Westley he already had owned a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine that he used at garage sales and trade showes. Since being together we have decided to move forward and bought a snow cone machine. We also bought into Sparkle Tattoos (canadian company), and we finally got Mini Donut's! 

Why Choose Us?

We believe that we dont need to gouge people to make a profit. We do not look at this as our main source of income, we do this because we like to see people smiling and enjoying themselves. Westley is a school bus driver and I am a self-employed driver/hauler we do this in our spare time because it is fun. 

Special Things We Have Done

We have done profit sharing events for The Crisis Nursery and Massey Place Comunity Association.
We have also donated product for fundraisers for L'Arche Saskatoon and Vincent Massey Community School.
We have aslo supported the Saskatoon Childrens Hospital Foundation
Please feel free to contact us about any queshtions you may have.